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Fast and Affordable STD Check Testing

Being in a situation where you need to be tested for an STD is scary and can be intimidating. You want quick results but it’s also essential that results are accurate. Maintaining your privacy can also be a concern. STD testing doesn’t have to be stressful. offers quick results and they value your privacy. Testing is quick and easy and results are returned within a timely manner so you don’t have to worry. Since some STDs don’t present symptoms it’s a great idea for everyone to be tested occasionally. offers the opportunity for testing with complete privacy.
STD testing can be intimidating and the process can be made more difficult by labs or offices who don’t take into consideration the delicate situation. offers 100% confidential testing with no judgement or intimidation for the patient. The process is simple. Tests can be ordered online or by phone. There is a 10 panel test available or you can schedule individual tests depending on your concerns. Tests are available for the most common diseases including: HIV type I, Hepatitis A, Herpes 2, Chlamydia, Hepatitis C, Herpes 1, HIV type 2, Hepatitis B, Gonorrhea and Syphilis. Depending on the test you’re taking you’ll either have to provide a blood sample, a urine sample or both. has over 4000 locations throughout the United States. When you visit a center, tests only take 5 minutes to complete. Results are emailed to you as soon as they are available which is usually 1-2 days. If you do have a positive result, offers a doctor consultation over the phone to help you figure out the next step in treatment. Results remain private and are only known to you. They aren’t put into your medical records or sent to your medical insurance. Only you have the option to share results. follows all HIPAA regulations to ensure that your information is protected and not shared with anyone. You will not be solicited by Communications are done by email only.
The process to complete your STD testing from is easy. First you use the online lab finder to find the location nearest you, then order the 10 panel or individual tests you want through the website or on the phone. Wait to receive your Lab Requisition Form with lab code in your email. The lab code tells the lab technician which tests need to be performed. Next head out to your nearest lab. With over 4000 locations nationwide there is a good chance you have a local one nearby. Tests take less than 5 minutes and results will be emailed within 1-2 days. Lab technicians are not aware of what you’re being tested for so the process remains very private. Your unique lab code that is sent in the email contains all your identifying information so you’re not required to give your name at the testing location and no paperwork must be filled out at the time of testing.
It’s important to note that an appointment is not required. However lab locations do not accept payment so you must submit your requested tests and payment online or over the phone before the tests are performed. Locations are open Monday through Friday with some being open on Saturday. Results are guaranteed and counselors are available anytime for any concerns you may have. All tests are FDA approved and lab facilities are certified through CLIA. does not accept health insurance but this allows them to keep results private and keeps results from being submitted to health insurance. They do accept most major credit cards, Paypal, echecks, cashier’s checks and money orders.
Once you receive your results in an email you can expect your result page to show various info including your name, age, payment information, the date tests were ordered, the name of the lab and the date you were tested. Each test ordered will be shown along with individual results for each test. Counselors and doctors can be reached if you have any questions or concerns about your results.
STD testing can be scary but is often something that must be done. Using can insure the process is simple and private. Your information will not be released to anyone but you and the tests are affordable and quick. If you have any concerns there is 24/7 help to get you through the process and give information on treatment if needed. can help make an often intimidating process much easier and get your results to you quickly.

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